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“his analysis exposes many historical myths about Custer’s last fight.”
Max Hastings

Battlefield Tours

Robert Kershaw has completed and led a substantial number of battlefield tours across three continents – America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These were completed both in and out of uniform.

He is readily available to speak on a fee paid or arranged basis depending upon research and travel to virtually any battlefield site. Any site is plausible, ancient or modern, depending upon interest and the research required.

Current Tours

Pers 007
A battlefield tour conducted immediately after the first Gulf War.

Tour itinerary

He has experience of and completed battlefield tours at the following locations:

  • The battle of Fredericksburg 1862
  • The battle of Chancellorsville 1863
  • The battle of Gettysberg 1863
THE AMERICAN INDIAN WARS (Research for ‘Red Sabbath’)
  • The Fetterman Massacre 1866
  • The battle of the Rosebud River 1876
  • The battle of the Little Bighorn 1876
A briefing by a Russian veteran at the Kursk battlefield
  • The battle of Blood River 1838
  • The battle of Isandlwana 1879
  • The battle of Rorke’s Drift 1879
  • The battle of Majuba Hill 1998
  • Colenso and Ladysmith 1899
  • The battle of Spioen Kop 1900
  • The capture of the Belgian fortress at Eben Emael May 1940.
  • The fall of Calais and Dunkirk May-Jun 1940. (Research for ‘Never Surrender’).
  • The fall of Crete May 1940.
  • Operation ‘Barbarossa’ – the German assault on Russia and Moscow 1941-2. (Research for ‘War Without Garlands’.)
  • The battle of Stalingrad 1941-2.
    A view of the Russian steppe bordering Stalingrad taken during a recent tour.
  • The battle of Kursk 1943. (Research for ‘Tank Men’).
  • D-Day 6th June 1944 – the parachute landing zones and beaches. (Research for ‘D-Day’).
  • The battle of Normandy 1944. (Research for ‘Tank Men’).
  • The ‘Market-Garden’ Airborne Corridor and Arnhem. (Research for ‘It Never Snows in September’).
  • The Warsaw Uprising 1944.
  • The German Ardennes offensive Dec 1944.
  • The battle of Berlin 1945.



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