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Academic CV




The summary below lists practical and academic War Studies experience areas.

Academic qualifications BA (Hon), German Staff College (Psc GE), German language interpreter.

Counter – Insurgency Warfare.

  • Planned and conducted counter insurgency operations against the Provisional Irish Republican army (PIRA) during 1970s-80s at platoon, company and battalion level. (In South Armagh and Belfast Northern Ireland).
  • Counter-propaganda/Psychological Operations role as Colonel G3 Information Operations with the NATO stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Sarajevo, Bosnia 1997.
  • Historical: conducted battlefield tour Warsaw Uprising 1944 in Warsaw Poland.

Conventional Warfare.

  • Operations Liaison Officer with VII US Corps for DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM during the Coalition invasion of Iraq in 1991. (The First Gulf War).
  • Extensive experience of platoon, company and battalion operations in North West Europe and the Arctic during the Cold War with the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) and Norway 1970s-1980s.
  • Historical: conducted US Civil War battlefield tours at Fredericksburg, Chancerllorsville and Gettysburg and the Second World War battles at Moscow 1941, Stalingrad 1942-3 and Kursk 1943.

Expeditionary Warfare.

  • Parachute Operations with the Leading Parachute Battalion Group (LPBG) at company and battalion level for all phases of war including Service Protected Evacuations (SPE) in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Trained South African Forces for Peace-Keeping operations in Burundi and the Congo.
  • Historical: conducted battlefield tours of the Zulu and both Boer Wars in South Africa and the Indian Wars in the USA.

Joint Operations.

  • Parachute operations, conventional, arctic and mountain and Out of Area (i.e. beyond Europe).
  • Historical: conducted battlefield tours for World War II operations including: Eben-Emael Belgium 1940, Calais/Dunkirk 1940, Crete 1941, Normandy (airborne and sea-borne) landings and MARKET-GARDEN (Southern Holland and Arnhem) in 1944.


Academic CV